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New podcast: What’s the future of On Spec?

I’ve got a new Book Rogues podcast up over at The Province. This time I talk to Diane Walton, one of the editors over at On Spec. I’ve published in On Spec a few times over the years — in fact, my first professional sale ever was to the magazine. It’s launched the careers of many a Canadian writer, but it’s facing an uncertain future after the Canada Council denied it funding two years in a row. Diane and I talk about the funding issue, how they’re trying to move beyond it, and what On Spec has meant to the Canadian speculative community.


Reimagine your world at the Vancouver Writers Fest


I’ve posted a piece about the Vancouver Writers Fest over at The Province. I’ll be moderating the Weird Fiction session starring Jeff VanderMeer, Kelly Link, Neil Smith and Robert J. Wiersema, and I’m already excitedly making notes. There are lots of other great panels — this year’s fest has more than 100 writers. In my latest Book Rogues podcast for The Province, I talk to VWF artistic director Hal Wake about the festivities.


Author Ian Weir loves grave robbing and raising the dead


My podcast with Ian Weir, author of Daniel O’Thunder and Will Starling, is live over at The Province. Listen to our conversation to discover why Ian loves grave robbing, Frankenstein and getting nominated for awards.


“Hamlet and swords, for fuck’s sake”


I’ve posted here before about how much I love Shakespeare’s Rebel, the literary historical adventure thriller by C.C. Humphreys. I recently had the chance to talk to Chris about adapting the novel to stage for Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach, as well as the challenges of playing Hamlet and the fear factor of writing Shakespeare in your novel. Bonus feature: I even convinced Chris to recite his favourite lines of Shakespeare! Check it out at my Book Rogues podcast.

“Everybody has a secret”

I talk to Toronto writer Russell Smith about sex, drugs and parenting in the 21st century. Check out the full podcast!

“One doctor told me that, because I had occasionally been doing cocaine, it could have been coke that caused my retina to fail,” Smith says. “I knew as soon as I heard that, I knew I had caused it. All my years of decadence had caused me to go blind.”



I’ve got a new podcast up at the Book Rogues, where I talk to Adam Lewis Schroeder about discovering he had a brain tumour while writing a zombie novel. It’s like something out of a book! Also, Adam lays down a mean zombie rap.

Podcasting the Puppies


I talked to Kristi Charish yesterday for my Book Rogues podcast at The Province. What did we talk about? The Sad Puppies controversy, of course. What else is there to talk about these days?

I said “book rouge” but they misheard me


I’ve launched a new books podcast over at The Province. First up, Kristi Charish of Owl and the Japanese Circus fame. Read the blog! Listen to the podcast! Pine for the video!