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New podcast: What’s the future of On Spec?

I’ve got a new Book Rogues podcast up over at The Province. This time I talk to Diane Walton, one of the editors over at On Spec. I’ve published in On Spec a few times over the years — in fact, my first professional sale ever was to the magazine. It’s launched the careers of many a Canadian writer, but it’s facing an uncertain future after the Canada Council denied it funding two years in a row. Diane and I talk about the funding issue, how they’re trying to move beyond it, and what On Spec has meant to the Canadian speculative community.


“Everybody has a secret”

I talk to Toronto writer Russell Smith about sex, drugs and parenting in the 21st century. Check out the full podcast!

“One doctor told me that, because I had occasionally been doing cocaine, it could have been coke that caused my retina to fail,” Smith says. “I knew as soon as I heard that, I knew I had caused it. All my years of decadence had caused me to go blind.”