Books by Peter Darbyshire

The angels descend from Heaven but don’t do anything. A hit man takes orders from a talking sex doll. A man sells miracles on Craigslist. Travelling deity salesman cause problems in a quiet neighbourhood.

Read these exciting tales and more in Has the World Ended Yet?

Please chronicles the life of a young man who drifts through a hallucinatory urban world filled with celebrity wannabes, addictive relationships and jobs that demand he become someone else. 

Read Peter Darbyshire’s novel Please, which won Canada’s ReLit Award for Canada’s best alternative novel.

The Warhol Gang is a black comedy for anyone who’s ever been trapped in an endless mall or fantasized about taking revenge on everyone in the office.

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Books Written as Peter Roman

The first book in the Cross series, featuring the enigmatic immortal angel hunter Cross. He’s a drunk, a thief and a killer – and he may just be the world’s last hope to stop a band of renegade angels from starting a new holy war that could usher in the end times.

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The second book in the Cross series about the immortal angel hunter. Can Cross stop a mysterious spirit from murdering the subjects of the faerie queen before it claims his own daughter? Or will he become trapped in a ghost story that even he cannot escape?

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In the third Cross book, the immortal angel killer Cross faces his most dangerous enemy yet: Noah. For ages Noah has sought out God’s mistakes and imprisoned them on his ark. Now Noah is determined to end the world by raising the mysterious Sunken City – and only Cross can stop him!

Read the third instalment of the popular Cross series now!


Peter Darbyshire’s debut novel, Please, won the KM Hunter Award for Best Emerging Artist and Canada’s ReLit Award for Best Novel. His books The Warhol Gang and Has the World Ended Yet? received critical acclaim. Under the pen name Peter Roman he has published the popular Cross series of books – The Mona Lisa Sacrifice, The Dead Hamlets and The Apocalypse Ark. He lives near Vancouver, B.C.

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