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The Province Cares: Help out a family as they grapple with their son’s rare disease


Last week I had the honour of writing a front-page story for The Province about little Nolin, a three-year-old Mission boy who was the first in the world to be diagnosed with NANS deficiency. It’s a devastating disease that has left him unable to talk, lift his head, or even move much on his own. He’s completely dependent on caregivers for everything. Doctors and researchers have already learned a great deal from him and they’re hoping to be able to help other sufferers of the condition. In the meantime, the family is raising funds to try to make Nolin’s life a little better. Help them out if you can!

The Province Cares: Let’s help those who need it


Over at my other job at The Province newspaper, I’ve started a new series called The Province Cares. I’m going to profile people in the local community who need a little help. First up is the family of little Owen, who’s had some hard luck in life. The family are some of the hardest-working people I’ve met, who have handled their challenge with incredible grace and strength. I felt humbled by their courage and resilience. They could use a little help caring for Owen, though, so please read the story and help if you can. Even sharing the story on your network will help them out!


Podcasting the Puppies


I talked to Kristi Charish yesterday for my Book Rogues podcast at The Province. What did we talk about? The Sad Puppies controversy, of course. What else is there to talk about these days?

Puppies puppies puppies

I’ve posted another update about the Sad Puppies thing over at The Province. This one is about writers withdrawing from the nominations. I’m trying to keep track of the major developments, but it’s become almost impossible to follow this thing. I feel for everybody involved. Wherever you stand on this, it’s not an easy situation. Carry on.

I said “book rouge” but they misheard me


I’ve launched a new books podcast over at The Province. First up, Kristi Charish of Owl and the Japanese Circus fame. Read the blog! Listen to the podcast! Pine for the video!

B.C.’s bookish blades

I’ve published a piece called B.C.’s Bookish Blades over at the Province. It features three insanely talented writers from B.C. talking about their new books: CC Humphreys, Sebastien de Castell and Ian Weir. These are the writers who make other writers insane with jealousy because they have both the commercial chops and the literary language. Great stuff. Check out their books today!

Historical thrillers are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around since we started recording history. What are The Odyssey and Beowulf if not their era’s version of Dan Brown or Andrew Pyper?

But a trio of B.C. authors are writing a new chapter for the historical thriller genre, and they’re turning to past masterpieces for inspiration. C.C. Humphreys, Sebastien de Castell and Ian Weir are also breaking down some of the walls between genre fiction and literary fiction to write perhaps the most literary thrillers yet.