Has the World Ended Yet?

  • “Darbyshire (The Warhol Gang) delights in mashing pop-culture genres together, exposing profound truths beneath classic tropes in ways at once hilarious, weird, and heart-breaking.” – Publishers Weekly
  • “In the tradition of writers such as Neil Gaiman” – Vancouver Sun
  • “Manifestations of discarded, mythological histories that have risen up, unbidden and unwanted, to wreak havoc on characters already caught up in more everyday struggles” – Quill and Quire
  • “So fresh, and contemporary, and raw and imaginative, you have to read it.” – Transactions With Beauty

The angels descend from Heaven but don’t do anything. A hit man takes orders from a talking sex doll. A man sells miracles on Craigslist. Travelling deity salesman cause problems in a quiet neighbourhood. Read these exciting tales and more in Has the World Ended Yet?, the critically acclaimed new book from Peter Darbyshire.


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