Will you be the only innocent soul in Hell?

I’ve got a new story out in the current issue of On Spec. The story’s called “The Only Innocent Soul in Hell,” and it features Molox, a demonic processing clerk who must deal with an unusual situation: a sinner who shows up in Hell’s waiting room without any sins worthy of damnation to Hell. The sinner wants a ticket out of Hell for the processing error, but Molox knows there’s something afoot and decides to investigate, along with his imp sidekick Malachi. Hilarity and horror ensue.

I like the character of Molox a lot, and I’ve written a sequel that involves the investigation of a murder in Hell. It needs another draft, I think, but hopefully I’ll be sending it out soon. I think this might be a character that could hold up a novel though. We’ll see if I have the time for that. I hope so. I’ve had a soft spot for demons since I read Master of the Five Magics and then the Bartimaeus books.

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