A sampler of the End Times

Are you looking for a new read but can’t decide if you want angel gunslingers, retired superheroes, sex club misadventures, travelling deity salesmen, gun battles in Ikeas or more? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place as I have tales of all of those! Check out the links below for free stories, excerpts from my books and some general weirdness.


Has the World Ended Yet?
The angels descend from Heaven but don’t do anything. A hit man takes orders from a talking sex doll. A man sells miracles on Craigslist. Travelling deity salesman cause problems in a quiet neighbourhood. Read these exciting tales and more in Has the World Ended Yet? (Excerpt available here.)

The Warhol Gang

A neuromarketing victim stumbles into a group of underground mall activists and inadvertently starts a viral terrorism craze. Hilarity ensues. The Warhol Gang is a black comedy for anyone who’s ever been trapped in an endless mall or fantasized about taking revenge on everyone in the office.

Please chronicles the life of a young man who drifts through a hallucinatory urban world filled with celebrity wannabes, addictive relationships and jobs that demand he become someone else. 

The Mona Lisa Sacrifice

The first book in the Cross series, featuring the enigmatic character of Cross, the man who woke up in Christ’s body after Christ left the earth to wherever it was he went. Written under the alias Peter Roman. Because, you know, Christ, Romans…. 

The Dead Hamlets

The second book in the Cross series. Can Cross stop a mysterious spirit from murdering the subjects of the faerie queen before it claims his own daughter? Or will he become trapped in a ghost story he cannot escape?

The Apocalypse Ark
In the third Cross book, the immortal angel killer Cross faces his most dangerous enemy yet: Noah. For ages Noah has sailed the seas, seeking out all of God’s mistakes and imprisoning them on his ark. Noah is not humanity’s saviour but is instead God’s jailer. But he has grown increasingly mad over the centuries, and now he is determined to end the world by raising the mysterious Sunken City. Only one person can stop him: Cross.

Stories available online

The Fantastic

Starseed: Or, The Strange Transformation of Archimedes Death. A mysterious and dark superhero in the First World War! A super scientist determined to learn the truth! Mechanical alien spiders! Trench warfare! No plagues!

The Angel Azrael Rode Into the Town of Burnt Church on a Dead Horse. The first in my series of stories about the angel gunslinger Azrael.

The Angel Azrael Delivers Small Mercies. “Mercy” is a loaded word when you’re an angel gunslinger.

The Angel Azrael Delivers Justice to the People of the Dust. “Justice” is also a loaded word when you’re an angel gunslinger.

The Princess Trap. A sheepherder and a dragon come to an arrangement of sorts. Hapless knights pay the price.

We Are All Ghosts. My first (and only) Lovecraftian superhero apocalypse story! An updated version of this appears in Has the World Ended Yet?, my latest book.

We Are a Rupture That Cannot Be Contained. Ghosts erupt out of pipelines and the world ends. Hey, the price of gas is low right now! An updated version of this appears in Has the World Ended Yet?, my latest book.

We Continue to Pray for Something to End Our Prayers. Gotta say, this isn’t the way I expected the world to end. An updated version of this appears in Has the World Ended Yet?, my latest book.

Literary or some such genre

The Code. A kinky sex club. Out of work actors. Hijinks ensue. An excerpt from my book Please.

Neighbours. Based on a true story. Seriously. I used to get out more. An excerpt from my book Please

If You Lived Here. A break and enter goes strangely wrong. An excerpt from my novel The Warhol Gang.

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