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“While there is hope, it is not for us”


“Manifestations of discarded, mythological histories that have risen up, unbidden and unwanted, to wreak havoc on characters already caught up in more everyday struggles.” – Quill & Quire review of my new book, Has the World Ended Yet? 

(Photo is from the Paris Catacombs, when I was much younger and thinner.)

Humour is tricky

Luckily, Eamonn Murphy over at SFcrowsnest found my latest story in On Spec, “The Only Innocent Soul in Hell,” to be more or less a laughing matter.

‘The Only Innocent Soul In Hell’ by Peter Darbyshire is an amusing spoof about Hell’s admission clerk and his processing of a difficult new entrant. The idea of John Lennon being hauled out at Easter to sing ‘Imagine’ and add to the general suffering made me laugh and I’m a big fan of the guy. (He might have laughed, too.) One other incident was a bit disturbing as comedy for my taste, even black comedy. But, hell, humour is tricky and, overall, it was an entertaining piece.

On a related note, I love the fact that there are people out there reviewing short stories. And to think some critics say the Internet is killing reading.

A couple of nice reviews in Locus

Lois Tilton reviewed my two most recent stories over at Locus, and she seems to have liked them. About “The Angel Azrael Delivers Small Mercies” she says “Strong stuff here in this dark dark fantasy” and “raises the bar for the iconic image of the lone gunslinger with a past.” About “The Only Innocent Soul in Hell” she says “Some amusing moments in this overly complicated hell story.”

I’m happy to say I’m working on sequels to both stories. More to come on that later.

"I’d like to go out of this world having brought as many good things into it as I can."

Here’s an interview I did with the Canadian Public Relations Society about how I balance my life as both a writer and a newspaper editor. It’s all about the coffee….

I’ve written plenty of books articles or columns that have come from my contacts in the writing community. And news stories have definitely led to fictional stories for me. For instance, my last published novel, The Warhol Gang, came into being after I read a couple of different articles, one about neuromarketing and one about a man who kept pretending to be an emergency responder at accident scenes. The two met up in my mind and mutated into a novel. So the two fields are a pretty combination for me.