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Boxing Day blowout at ChiZine!

Hey, ChiZine Publications’ Boxing Day blowout sale is still on! You can get all their ebooks for 60% off — that means you can buy my first Peter Roman book, The Mona Lisa Sacrifice, for $4. I mean, I know you already have a copy, but now you can get one for all your friends. That’ll make up for forgetting to send them a Christmas card. Plus, $4 is cheaper than most Christmas cards these days, so it’s win-win for you!

It’s Black Friday at ChiZine



My publisher, ChiZine Publications, is having a Black Friday sale until Monday. You can buy the ebook of The Mona Lisa Sacrifice for only $1.99 (package comes with mobi, epub and PDF files). In fact, you can buy all their ebooks at some ridiculous discount. Now you don’t have to worry about getting trampled/stabbed/crucified at your local bookstore.