Humour is tricky

Luckily, Eamonn Murphy over at SFcrowsnest found my latest story in On Spec, “The Only Innocent Soul in Hell,” to be more or less a laughing matter.

‘The Only Innocent Soul In Hell’ by Peter Darbyshire is an amusing spoof about Hell’s admission clerk and his processing of a difficult new entrant. The idea of John Lennon being hauled out at Easter to sing ‘Imagine’ and add to the general suffering made me laugh and I’m a big fan of the guy. (He might have laughed, too.) One other incident was a bit disturbing as comedy for my taste, even black comedy. But, hell, humour is tricky and, overall, it was an entertaining piece.

On a related note, I love the fact that there are people out there reviewing short stories. And to think some critics say the Internet is killing reading.

About Peter Darbyshire (Roman)

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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