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On the bookshelf: Certain Dark Things

What is there to say about Certain Dark Things, the vampire novel by Silvia Moreno-Garcia set in Mexico City that mixes up the entire cinematic, literary and mythic history of vampires with the narco conflicts of the Mexican drug wars, run through a noir filter with the thriller levels cranked up, to create her own dangerous species of vampire novel?

What is there to say other than read it?

Tell me again how piracy isn’t a problem

Author Silvia Moreno-Garcia woke up this morning to find someone has pirated one of her stories and is selling it on Chapters online — under Silvia’s own name. It’s a pretty devious act of piracy, as it looks like a legit book from the writer, but I’m pretty sure Silvia will never see any of the money from the sales of her own pirated work. And people wonder why most writers can’t quit their day job….