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It’s not too late to sacrifice!

My new Cross novel, The Dead Hamlets, is making its way into the world. The official date when it’s available for purchase is Feb. 17, but some of the people who pre-ordered it have already received their copies. It’s not too late to read the first book in the series, The Mona Lisa Sacrifice. Here’s a little trailer I made to help convince you.

The Dead Hamlets are alive!


It’s alive! My new Cross novel, The Dead Hamlets, is shipping. ChiZine wasn’t just pranking me when they said they’d publish it!

I’ll have more details about launches, blog tours, reviews and so forth soon. But right now I’m just going to crack these open and breathe deep of that new book smell.

And then get back to working on the third Cross book.

Big thanks to the Big Beat!

This is a nice way to end the year: The Mona Lisa Sacrifice makes a top 10 list of recent books at the Ottawa Citizen. I know Peter Simpson, the arts editor who put together the list, and he’s not an easy man to please! Plus, he obviously has great tastes.

And this just in time for the January launch of The Dead Hamlets, the sequel to The Mona Lisa Sacrifice!