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Canada Council announces changes to its funding models

The Canada Council has announced significant changes to its methods of funding creators. I’ll likely write up something about this when I’m done with my holiday. In the meantime, check out the CC’s site about the new funding models. See also my interview with Simon Brault, the head of the Canada Council, about the changes.

The future of the Canada Council

A while back I wrote about the Canada Council planning a major overhaul of its funding processes. A lot of people were interested in it — OK, most of the creators in Canada seemed to be interested in it — so I contacted the Canada Council to find out more. I wound up having a fascinating conversation with Simon Brault, the head of the Canada Council about the changes. Read more about it over at The Province.

Brault says the future Canada Council will be “a sort of portal where artists create their own profiles explaining everything they do … Their job will be to explain to the Canada Council what they want to do, their artistic practice, and all of that, and our role will be to make sure that we serve them well in the context of very few programs … The intentions of the artists will be the driving force of the assessments and not a rigid compliance with a very small sub-program.”