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Check out these panels I’m hosting at the Vancouver Writers Fest

The Vancouver Writers Fest just announced its 2014 lineup, and it’s another great one. I’ll be hosting two panels — details below. The full lineup is pretty great — check it out if you can.

Familiar Haunts

Friday, October 24, 2014 – 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Waterfront Theatre


Ready for some hair-raising tales from three frightfully good Canadian writers? Meet Jacqueline Baker, whose compelling, creepy novel features the ailing, impoverished and frightening H.P. Lovecraft, a true historical figure who was America’s first horror writer. Eric McCormack’s masterpiece of literary Gothicism stars a man haunted, literally and figuratively, byhis past in an isolated Scottish village. And Russell Wangersky’s dark psychological thriller spotlights a grocery store cleaner who collects the shopping lists people leave behind, providing him with an invisible net to throw over those who leave traces of their life in his path. This is perfect fodder for a fall Friday.

Probables and Impossibles

Saturday, October 25, 2014 – 10:30am

Granville Island Stage


What’s the difference between fantasy and science fiction? Fantasy can’t happen. Science fiction is something that hasn’t happened, but could. Two fantasy writers and one science fiction writertalk about the worlds of the probable and the impossible that they’ve imagined onto the pages of their new novels. William Gibson’s The Peripheral is his latest invention in a long string of inventive novels that have earned him rave reviews and a worldwide following over three decades. Working in the world of the impossible are fantasy writers A.M. Dellamonica and Sebastien de Castell. Travel to Dellamonica’s Stormwrack, an ocean- based world on the other side of the portal. Or duck the barbarians at the borders of de Castell’s Tristia. Good thing these worlds are impossible—and very entertaining.

Reading at ChiSeries Vancouver


I’ll be reading at ChiSeries Vancouver Oct. 9, along with Melia McLure and Silvia Morena-Garcia. They’re both awesome writers and cool people, so I’m excited about this. I think I might take a break from reading The Mona Lisa Sacrifice and read my story from Imaginarium 2013 instead.

There’s a Facebook event if you’re on FB.

Hope to see you there!

The Word on the Street is… Vancouver!



I’m reading at Word Vancouver (formerly Word on the Street) again this year, and I’m flattered to be featured on the Word Vancouver website! I’ll be reading at the festival Sunday, Sept. 29, at 1-1:15 p.m., at the Canada Writes tent. I guess I’d better read something from The Mona Lisa Sacrifice!

I’ll be reading right after YA star Elsie Chapman and right before bestselling mystery writer Cathy Ace, and it’ll be hosted by Jenn Farrell, so it promises to be a fun time. See you there!

The Vancouver launch is at the best nerd pub in the city!


The time is nigh! The time for the Vancouver launch of The Mona Lisa Sacrifice, that is. I’ll be reading from my new book at the Storm Crow Tavern, Vancouver’s prime haven for geeky nerds and nerdy geeks, on Thursday, Aug. 22. The reading is scheduled for sometime between 7 and 9. I won’t commit to anything more specific than that because, well, have you seen the drinks list at the Storm Crow?

There will be food and drink — and games, because that’s the kind of night it’s going to be. There will also be books for sale, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you.

The pic above is a scene from a typical night at the Storm Crow. You know you want to be there.

You can RSVP at the Facebook event if you like.

A few pics from the Toronto launch of The Mona Lisa Sacrifice

It was great to be back in Toronto again for the launch of The Mona Lisa Sacrifice — I reunited with a lot of old friends and met a bunch of new ones. The humidity, though — I haven’t missed the humidity.

I was only able to take one pic the entire night, as I was too busy reading, signing books or ordering another mojito. Thankfully, a few other people managed to get some shots of the event. If you have any more, let me know. I’d love to see what happened!

The Mona Lisa Sacrifice launches in Toronto on June 26


My new novel, The Mona Lisa Sacrifice, launches in Toronto Wednesday, June 26. It’s going to be a party, because I’m also launching with Toronto writers David Nickle and Joey Comeau. You know the night is going to be crazy with those guys and the ChiZine crew all there! I hope you’ll come out and join in the festivities.

The launch will be held at:

No One Writes to the Colonel
460 College St.,
Toronto, Ontario
See you there!