The Mona Lisa Sacrifice launches in Toronto on June 26


My new novel, The Mona Lisa Sacrifice, launches in Toronto Wednesday, June 26. It’s going to be a party, because I’m also launching with Toronto writers David Nickle and Joey Comeau. You know the night is going to be crazy with those guys and the ChiZine crew all there! I hope you’ll come out and join in the festivities.

The launch will be held at:

No One Writes to the Colonel
460 College St.,
Toronto, Ontario
See you there!

About Peter Darbyshire (Roman)

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  1. stacey stadnyk

    Al ready have it. Was delivered a few days ago. Have to slow down and relish the read.

  2. You have it already? It’s not even in stores yet! You must be some sort of VIP.

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