More about that Sad Puppies thing….

I posted earlier about how I don’t really have an opinion about the Sad Puppies Hugo controversy. It’s bad enough my kids want puppies…. However, it is a good news story and I work for a newspaper, so I wrote up a column about it. The whole thing is starting to get a bit crazy, with George R.R. Martin weighing in on matters now at his Livejournal:

Perhaps most damaging to the Sad Puppies cause has been George R.R. Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series, speaking out against them in a series of ongoing Livejournal posts. “I think the Sad Puppies have broken the Hugo Awards, and I am not sure they can ever be repaired,” he said in the first post. In a second post, he added, “they seem to want to take the Hugos and turn them into their own awards.” This will no doubt enrage Martin fans who think he should be finishing his latest book rather than posting on Livejournal.

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