Of patrons and Patreon

I just became a supporter of Vancouver writer Siliva Morena-Garcia on Patreon. I discovered Patreon recently and it’s pretty cool. It kind of works like Kickstarter, in that you pledge money to your favourite content creators. Rather than a one-time payment, though, you generally pledge a monthly payment to help your fave artist do their thing (although I think one-time payments are an option in certain cases). In return, you get access to the creator’s personal Patreon feed and various rewards. Here’s a video explaining how it works:

Here’s Silvia’s Patreon page. Check it out and pledge if you like what you see. Or check out some other creators using Patreon, like those crazy Postmodern Jukebox videos you’ve been seeing in your feeds or the Hijinks Ensue comics. Or, you know, make your own Patreon page and throw out a tip dish.

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