Wait a minute, let me get my popcorn

The nominees for the 2014 Hugo Awards have been announced, and I’m delighted to see Beneath Ceaseless Skies up for Best SemiProZine (Semiprozine? SemiproZine?). I love BCS, and not just because a few of my Angel Azrael gunslinger stories have appeared there. It’s a fine, fine magazine that champions literary fantasy, sic-fi and all sorts of speculative fiction (or just good writing, if you’re not concerned about categories). Or, as the BCS site puts it, “adventure fantasy plots in vivid secondary worlds, but written with a literary flair.” It’s the sort of magazine I think we need more of.

Of course, the Hugos being the Hugos, there is controversy about the list of nominees. I don’t really have anything to say about it myself — it’s the way of awards, after all — but if you’re interested in following the discussion, you can read more at John Scalzi’s Whatever or Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation to get the basic idea of what’s going on and see who’s on what side, etc.

Although, really, your time would be better spent reading Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

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