The Warhol Gang

Trotsky works for a neuromarketing company that scans his brain to test new products. Only his name isn’t really Trotsky — that’s a code name he’s forced to use at work. And the products aren’t real — they’re just hologram prototypes. Trapped in an increasingly unreal world that leaves him haunted by hallucinations, Trotsky goes in search of something genuine. Instead, he finds Holiday, a wannabe actress who fakes accidents for insurance settlements but who dreams of stardom. She leads him into an underground society of anti-corporate activists and into a series of dangerous encounters, one of which turns deadly. Discovered by the media, they are dubbed the Warhol Gang. At first Holiday and Trotsky embrace their notoriety and fame, but they’re forced to confront their own desires and needs — and differences — when the Warhol Gang takes on a life of its own and the body count rises.

The Warhol Gang is a black comedy for anyone who’s ever been trapped in an endless mall or fantasized about taking revenge on everyone in the office.

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