Peter Roman

I also write under the alias Peter Roman. Because sometimes it’s good to hide your true identity from everything chasing you. If they know your name, then they can track you down and get a blood sample when you’re sleeping, and then everything goes to hell.

Current Peter Roman titles:

The Mona Lisa Sacrifice

The first book in the Cross series, featuring the enigmatic character of Cross, the man who woke up in Christ’s body after Christ left the earth to wherever it was he went. Written under the alias Peter Roman. Because, you know, Christ, Romans…. An No. 1 Fantasy and Historical Fantasy bestseller.


The Dead Hamlets

The second book in the Cross series. Can Cross stop a mysterious spirit from murdering the subjects of the faerie queen before it claims his own daughter? Or will he become trapped in a ghost story he cannot escape?


The Apocalypse Ark

For centuries Noah has sailed the seas, imprisoning God’s mistakes on his ark. Now Noah has gone mad and seeks to end the world by raising the mysterious Sunken City. Only one person can stop him: Cross.


  1. I’m a big fan of the “Cross” books, an entertaining blend of the supernatural world with the action of a good spy thriller. I made sure to pick up book 3 at Hal-con in Nov 2016.

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