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New Azrael story on the way

I really enjoyed writing the first Azrael story and I had lots of wonderful feedback from readers, so I wrote a sequel. It’s tentatively titled “The Angel Azrael Passes Judgment on the People of the Dust.” It’s still in early draft form — I need to add more bloodshed and mayhem to live up to the title — but it’s in pretty good shape. I’ll let you know when I find a home for it. In the meantime, do check out my Lovecraftian superhero story.

We Are All Ghosts

So I wrote a Lovecraftian superhero story. You can read it for free at the Innsmouth Free Press or download a free PDF of the issue. The issue is also available on Kindle, for the subterranean price of 99 cents. Check it out now, before the world ends.

Here’s a little background to the story:

We Are All Ghosts from peterdarbyshire on Vimeo.

Hey, I've got another book!

I finally finished a decent draft of my new novel, The Apocalypse Corpse. At least I think it’s a decent draft. No one else has seen it yet. I’ve given it to my wife to read, and she’ll let me know if it’s presentable enough for my agent or if, once again, I have written too many masturbation scenes. Long story.

I was unwinding this morning by organizing the short stories I have scattered throughout folders on my computer, and I discovered I have enough stories for a collection. So really, I have two new books, even if one of them is a surprise. And that’s not counting the first two books of a supernatural thriller series that my agent is now readying to shop around.

I really hope someone buys one of these books so I can start getting them out there in the world….

Warhol Soup for the Soul

OK, this Kobo display glitch actually makes me laugh:

We Will All Be Ghosts… in October

I’m as excited as an eldritch horror to announce I’ve got a new short story, “We Will All Be Ghosts,” coming out in the Innsmouth Free Press in October. It’s a Lovecraftian superhero story of sorts, which is all I can really say about it for now.

I grew up reading Lovecraft — bought my first anthology in Grade 4 — and playing Call of Cthulhu, so this is a pretty emotional moment for me. I really can’t talk about it… shoggoth has my tongue….

While you’re waiting, why don’t you check out some of the other offerings from the Innsmouth Free Press, including its Monster Bytes newspaper, created by readers.

And hey, you can always help keep the Free Press alive through donations. They’re Canadian, after all….

If I had a million rankings….

Please just jumped a million rankings on Amazon off one sale. I guess it’s a slow month in the book biz….