We Are All Ghosts

So I wrote a Lovecraftian superhero story. You can read it for free at the Innsmouth Free Press or download a free PDF of the issue. The issue is also available on Kindle, for the subterranean price of 99 cents. Check it out now, before the world ends.

Here’s a little background to the story:

We Are All Ghosts from peterdarbyshire on Vimeo.

About Peter Darbyshire (Roman)

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  1. Peter: I really enjoyed the story. Great atmosphere, and a very original concept (a Cthulhu superhero!). Bravo.

  2. peter darbyshire

    Thanks, Mike! I’m still pondering that Lovecraftian western….

  3. Great tale-I liked the concept of tying it to the Mountain of the Madness.

  4. peter darbyshire

    Thanks, Dave.

    Every day in my life is a mountain of madness, so the story came naturally.

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