I interview the writer mistaken for Stephen King

A few years back, Stephen King put out a book called Joyland. As it turns out, another writer I know, Emily Schultz, also had a novel called Joyland. When King published his book, people started buying her book, thinking it was the same one. Hilarity ensued in Amazon reviews. Now Emily has created a blog chronicling how she’s spending the Stephen King money. I talked to her about the whole bizarre experience over at The Province.

Then horror writer Stephen King published a novel called Joyland, and Schultz’s life went a little crazy. Readers started buying her Joyland novel, thinking it was King’s new book. Joyland’s publisher, ECW, contacted Schultz to let her know her book had suddenly sold 200 copies. “It was exciting for about 60 seconds,” Schultz says, “then I realized, uh-oh, there will probably be some angry readers out there! Sure enough, the one-star reviews started piling up on Amazon.”

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