The Moment

Introducing The Moment

Every creator has a moment that changed their life — something they read, saw, experienced, heard, whatever. Let’s hear your moment. Tell us about what changed your life.

How to be considered

Send me a message at with “The Moment” and your name in the subject line of the email. Tell me what you’d like to talk about in the message. If it sounds good, I’ll get back to you about the details. I’m looking for around 250-1000 words.

Obviously, this is a chance to publicize your works. I don’t want The Moment just to be a self-promo feature, though. I’d like creators to genuinely talk about important moments to them. It can be about your new work, sure, but please make it about more than that at the same time. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be about your work at all! I’ll do some promotion for you in the intro I provide, where I’ll list your new works, etc. So please think of it as a chance to share something rather than shill.

Who can contribute

Anyone who’s a creator — writer, artist, musician, you name it. To start with, I’m going to limit it to people I know in person or online, just to cut down on requests from random bots online. We’ll go from there once it’s up and running.

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