Let’s bring the Apocalypse Ark to Atlantis!

I believe my new novel, The Apocalypse Ark, is now available at all the finest online bookstores and ancient scriptoriums everywhere. There was a short technical glitch where ebooks were unavailable in the temporarily human-occupied territory known as the U.S., but I believe the imps responsible for that unfortunate incident have been banished to Azathoth’s tummy until Atlantis rises again. Speaking of which, Atlantis is the one place you can’t buy The Apocalypse Ark, on account of their protectionist tariffs — and being overrun by the Deep Ones. I’ve created a petition to open up Atlantis’s bookstores, libraries and flooded cafes to foreign books once more. Let’s make Atlantis apocalyptic again!
ia ia ia ia ia ia ia ia ia ia ia ia!

Direct link to the petition in case your device has sanity filters: https://www.change.org/p/peter-darbyshire-let-s-bring-the-apocalypse-to-atlantis?recruiter=537308522

(I found the illustration online and don’t know who created it. Message me by water serpent if you know the secret identity of the artist.)

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