Behold the chimera fish!

A fish caught by Nova Scotia fisherman Scott Tanner is shown in a handout photo. For a brief moment, Tanner thought he might have a case of cabin fever when he spotted a fish with glowing, green eyes in his trawler's net. A curator of zoology at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, offered a more scientific-based explanation: the bug-eyed creature appears to be a knifenose chimera - one of three chimera species in North Atlantic waters.THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Scott Tanner ORG XMIT: HAL500

Is it any coincidence that horrors from the deep begin to surface just as I publish my new book, The Apocalypse Ark? I think not. Take back your horrors, ocean! (Also, make note of this devil fish for new book.)

See also the mysterious sounds of the sea!

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