New podcast: I talk to Elisabeth de Mariaffi about her breakout thriller

“I thought I was writing a book about fear.”

That was what Elisabeth de Mariaffi told me when we sat down to record a podcast for the Book Rogues over at The Province. De Mariaffi was talking about her breakout novel, The Devil You Know. She says she didn’t set out to write a thriller, but it’s become one of the most talked about thrillers of the year.

The book is set in the early days of the Paul Bernardo serial killings investigation and follows Evie Jones, a young reporter assigned to the case who is maybe being stalked herself. The novel has resonated with women, with many of them writing to de Mariaffi or coming up to her at readings to talk about their own experiences.

We talked about the response to the book, its possible adaptation for TV and what de Mariaffi is working on now. Check out the article and listen to the podcast at The Province.

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