We get by with a little help from our friends


Artist Myke Amend is going through a tough time. His father has been diagnosed with liver cancer and Myke wants to move closer to his parents to help out. Funds are tight, though, and Myke could use a little financial assistance to make the move happen. He’s created a GoFundMe campaign, and I’d encourage people to check it out.

Myke’s one of my favourite artists — I’ve got three pieces of his art hanging in my office. You could always buy one of his reasonably priced works of art if you want something for your money. Your office will thank you.

While you’re at it, check out fellow artist Eric Adam’s Lackluster World Kickstarter. It’s to fund the “director’s cut” version of Adams’ comic books, which feature “an albino man trying to change his world through a combination of journalism and street art all the while fighting off his brother and sister, Kelvin and Celsius, and their extreme attempts to convert him to Christianity.” Or, as the movie pitch puts it, “Fight Club meets Office Space in Pleasantville.” Pledged.

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