The Real Vancouver Writers Series celebrates five years in an unreal city


Over at that weird newspaper thing I do, I talked to Sean Cranbury and Dina Del Bucchia about the Real Vancouver Writers Series. We cover it all — the origin story, the villains, the new hope for the future. You can even hear Sean and I drink coffee!

It was kind of a weird interview. I took a Cthulhu selfie before the interview started, and my recorder stopped working after that. Luckily Sean was recording. Then it started raining. In Vancouver! Coincidence? I think not.

“We created the Real Vancouver Writers Series based on the fact that when the eyes of the world were on Vancouver, when the biggest spectacle in the history of the city was going to occur, we were going to represent for the city, for the publishers and independent presses, for the people we knew,” Cranbury says.

“I think that there was a sense in the city that [while] the Olympics were happening, a lot of people felt like this city wasn’t itself … That’s why we call it Real Vancouver. It was a Vancouver that was true to itself and true to the streets and the neighbourhoods that make up the city that house the writers that make the art.”

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