Get all of ChiZine’s 2015 books for just $99

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I got a message today that people who take advantage of ChiZine’s subscription service are receiving their copies of The Dead Hamlets early. It’s worth checking out if you love ChiZine books — and who doesn’t love ChiZine books? For just $99 you can get ebooks of all 36 titles they’re releasing this year. That’s less than $3 per book! You can’t get a coffee that cheap, unless it’s gas station coffee, which we all know isn’t really coffee anyway. But hurry — the price goes up to $139 in March. Nearly $4 for a book? Outrageous!

Check out the books included in the subscription:

  • Imaginarium 3: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing edited by Sandra Kasturi and Helen Marshall [anthology]
  • The Yellow Wood by Melanie Tem (novel)
  • Angels & Exiles by Yves Meynard (novel)
  • The Dead Hamlets by Peter Roman (novel)
  • A Telling of Stars by Caitlin Sweet (eBook only; novel)
  • The Silences of Home by Caitlin Sweet (eBook only; novel)
  • Probably Monsters by Ray Cluley (collection)
  • Point Hollow by Rio Youers (novel)
  • Quaternity by Kenneth Mark Hoover (novel)
  • Against a Darkening Sky by Lauren B. Davis (novel)
  • The Acolyte by Nick Cutter (novel)
  • The House of War and Witness by Mike Carey, Linda Carey, and Louise Carey (novel)
  • The H.M.S. Bad Idea by Peter Chiykowski (ChiGraphic; graphic humour collection)
  • Infinitum by GMB Chomichuk (ChiGraphic; graphic novel)
  • Dead Girls Don’t by Mags Storey (ChiTeen; novel)
  • The Good Brother by E.L. Chen (ChiTeen; novel)
  • What We Salvage by David Baillie (novel)
  • Lament for the Afterlife by Lisa L. Hannett (novel)
  • Imaginarium 4: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing edited by Sandra Kasturi and Jerome Stueart (anthology)
  • Almost Dark by Letitia Trent (novel)
  • The Worm in Every Heart by Gemma Files (eBook only; collection)
  • Kissing Carrion by Gemma Files (eBook only; collection)
  • The Book of David by Robert Boyczuk (novel)
  • The Flame in the Maze by Caitlin Sweet (novel)
  • Wrapped in Skin by Mark Morris (collection)
  • The Humanity of Monsters edited by Michael Matheson (anthology)
  • The Lady Paranorma by Vincent Marcone (ChiGraphic; graphic short story)
  • Northern Frights: Volumes 1–5 edited by Don Hutchison (eBook only; anthologies)
  • Experimental Film by Gemma Files (novel)
  • One Nation Under Gods by Jerome Stueart (novel)
  • Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond edited by Madeline Ashby and David Nickle (ChiDunnit; anthology)
  • Derby Cavendish Stories by Don Bassingthwaite (eBook only; collection)

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