This is how they hook you

My publisher ChiZine is giving away books for Family Literacy Day.

TORONTO, Ontario (January 26, 2015) — To celebrate Family Literacy Day, January 27, ChiZine Publications (CZP) will be giving away copies of its young adult books. Trade paperbacks will be distributed at select bookstores across Canada while PDF versions will be available for free for a limited time from the ChiZine website.

CZP will be giving out copies of its first two titles printed under its young adult ChiTeen imprint: Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn’t Fly by P.T. Jones (a.k.a. Stephen Graham Jones and Paul Tremblay), and The Door in the Mountain by Caitlin Sweet. Giveaways or contests will take place at Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto, McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, and BookShelf in Guelph.

In addition, PDF versions of titles with young adult themes will be available for free download from the CZP site for a limited time on January 27. Titles that will be available include:

Picking Up the Ghost by Tone Milazzo

The Choir Boats and The Indigo Pheasant by Daniel A. Rabuzzi

Westlake Soul by Rio Youers

Napier’s Bones by Derryl Murphy

a ChiTeen sampler of upcoming books: Dead Girls Don’t by Mags Storey, The Good Brother by E.L. (Elaine) Chen and The Flame in the Maze by Caitlin Sweet

“The love of reading is something that runs strong in everyone at ChiZine Publications,” says Sandra Kasturi, co-publisher. “And literacy is more than just enjoying books; it’s an essential skill for success in life. We’re hoping to help raise a new generation of readers and book lovers.”

Details of when and how to download the free ebooks will be posted to the social media channels of CZP and the dedicated ChiTeen Twitter and Facebook page a few days before the event.

Sandra Kasturi, Co-Publisher, ChiZine Publications

About ChiZine Publications
ChiZine Publications (CZP) is British Fantasy Award-winning and three-time World Fantasy Award-nominated independent publisher of surreal, subtle, and disturbing dark literary fiction hand-picked by co-publishers Brett Alexander Savory and Sandra Kasturi, Bram Stoker Award-winning editors.

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