Christmas is for charity

It’s the season for giving, as I mentioned in an earlier post. While you’re shopping for gifts for friends and family, why not toss a few charitable donations into the mix? I’m giving a little to Grace Rwanda, an organization my wife volunteers for that funds literary programs and libraries for Rwandan youth. I also support the local hospitals, as I think everyone should. But those aren’t your only choices, of course. Here’s a quick reminder of all the places you can give for just a few dollars a month:

– food banks

– hospices

– women’s shelters

– homeless shelters and agencies

– cancer agencies and other support groups for life-changing illnesses

– school programs

I’m sure there are many, many others, but this is just to get you thinking about all those in need who could use a little help. We’ve all either been on the receiving end of such charity at one point or another — or we will be. Let’s keep that in mind during this festive orgy of capitalism.

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