The truth is a lie

Here’s a little interview/profile type of thing I did with bestselling author Steven Galloway about his latest novel, The Confabulist. As Steve would say, good times.

“One of the things this book is really about is the relationship between fact and fiction,” Galloway says, admitting he has a preference for the latter. “I think we spend a lot of time worrying about or placing emphasis on whether something happened or didn’t happen. Whether it’s true or not true. In the case of memory, what’s more important is the story of that memory — what that memory is saying to you in the present moment about the world and about what happened. I think if we took some focus off arguing about ‘did this actually happen?’ and put more focus on ‘what does it mean that I think it happened?’ then we’d probably solve a lot more problems and be a lot happier than if we just continued to argue about history.”

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