There’s an app for that

Like most writers, I go out of my way to procrastinate. My distraction drug of choice is apps for my phone and iPad. I try almost every new app that gets the slightest whisper of buzz. I usually trash most of them within a day or two, but every now and then I find one I genuinely like that becomes part of my daily routine (more procrastination!). The latest one is the Sunnycomb app, a cool weather service that lets you see pics of the weather in different parts of the world. It’s user generated, so the quality can be uneven, but it’s got social networking baked in, which is surprisingly fun. I never thought I’d talk to people in other parts of the world about the weather, but there it is.

I was pleasantly surprised the other day to open the app and discover one of my pics had made the photos of the month list for January. (Scroll down until the “zombiedragon” entry — that’s me.) It’s a shot of an empty playground from the gym where I sometimes procrastinate work out. I like the vaguely apocalyptic look of it, which is more or less what winter looks like around here.

If you’re on Sunnycomb, follow me. If you’re not, check it out. There are worse ways to waste time.

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