A sad farewell to Innsmouth Magazine


I’m kind of depressed to read that Innsmouth Magazine is calling it a day — and not only because they published my story “We Are All Ghosts.” Innsmouth Magazine was one of the smartest mags around, printing stories that were likely too weird to be printed anywhere else. The editors say the sales just weren’t there to support it anymore. I don’t know if people have had their fill of Lovecraftian stories — I haven’t! — or if it’s just the mysterious, eldritch forces of the market at work, but either way it’s a bad day for literature. It’s the loss of a great market for me as a writer, but more importantly, it’s the loss of a great magazine for me as a reader.

The one good piece of news to come out of this is that Innsmouth books will continue to publish collections and anthologies. So there is still hope in a hopeless world.

Keep up to date on Innsmouth news by following editor and writer Silvia Morena-Garcia over at her blog.

ia ia ia ia indeed!

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