Live from the Storm Crow Tavern

Here are a few shots of me reading during the Vancouver launch of The Mona Lisa Sacrifice at the Storm Crow Tavern. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Storm Crow reading1

That’s right: the sign leading into the back room says You Shall Not Pass.

Storm Crow reading2

Check out the Wall of Boardgames behind me. Who cares about the reading — let’s play some games!

Storm Crow reading3

I like this one because it’s an action shot. It looks like the octopus on the chandelier is about to attack me.

Storm Crow reading4

A longer shot of the Storm Crow. Doesn’t this look like the place to let your inner geek loose?

(Photos courtesy of John Fuller)

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  1. Brett Savory | CZP

    Looks like it was a great time, man!



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