Introducing The Mona Lisa Sacrifice

So here’s the cover of my new book, The Mona Lisa Sacrifice, coming out with ChiZine in June 2013. It’s the first book in a supernatural thriller series, which is all I’m going to say about it for the moment. (Still have to write the jacket copy!)

One of the things that excited me about publishing with ChiZine was getting an awesome cover, courtesy of Erik Mohr. I’m even more thrilled with this one that I thought I would be.

Yes, that is a pseudonym on the cover. I’ve been writing a lot in different genres lately, and it’s time to start distinguishing what is what for readers. So along comes Peter Roman to take the credit for my supernatural stuff. Hopefully you’ll be as welcoming to him as you have been to me.

More on the Cross series soon.

About Peter Darbyshire (Roman)

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