The end times are nigh

Hell of a productive day. I sat down to tackle a scene near the end of The Apocalypse Corpse that I wasn’t sure how to handle — and killed it. No, really. There are bodies. In fact, I was so in the apocalyptic spirit that I wrote another Very Important Scene That Ties Up Some Story Threads and set up the finale of the book. Which I’ve already written in my mind, so it’s just a matter of getting it down in the Pages document now.

So I think the first draft of the book will be done shortly, although it’ll be rough. Very rough. And missing a few scenes. But that’s what first drafts are — the memories of the drunken night before.

Not bad considering I also did an interview last night about The Warhol Gang, and one this morning about the ebook phenomenon that is sweeping the free world. And got the pub date for the paperback version of The Warhol Gang in Canada (May). Plus, I remembered to feed the toddler. With some help.

Today’s touchstone in the new book: Alcor.

The picture above is a variation of another one I posted in my Flickr stream the other day. Spring!

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