I just had a one-night stand

With a short story!

I’ve written a couple of supernatural western stories — it’s a genre fetish of mine — and I’ve been itching to write another one. It must be some sort of infection. Anyway, the idea came to me yesterday morning — it’s High Plains Drifter meets… well, I’m not going to tell you quite yet.

I couldn’t put off writing it. I knew I’d be able to jump back into The Apocalypse Corpse with no problem, but I worried if I left this new idea too long I’d forget about it, or work it out too much in my mind and get bored with it. So I figured I’d put the novel aside for a few days and write the story. But I managed to write the whole thing in one feverish sitting, accompanied with much maniacal cackling — that was my son playing downstairs. I write in silence. Seven thousand words later, I had a decent first draft at midnight.

I’ll let it sit for a while, because I always let stories settle for a bit before I return to them. In the meantime, I went back into The Apocalypse Corpse today and got in another seven pages. I don’t think the novel even knows I cheated on it.

Now what the hell am I going to do with a supernatural western…?

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