Mindfeed: The medium is the Marianas Trench

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been browsing on the web this week when I should have been working.

The Science Tattoo Emporium. I like this site almost as much as Contrariwise: Literary Tattoos.

– The mystery of Challenger Deep. This article about the sequel to Avatar led me to watch this video documentary about how solving the mysteries of Challenger Deep led scientists to understood how plate tectonics work. Fascinating stuff.

– Geometric sociology: BLDGBLOG+Christoph Gielen (+Pynchon) = a study of the shapes our inhabited spaces make

– Holy f… Woman cut in half to remove her cancer. Great story, but, ah, I’m squirming.

– The Erotic Monster Manual. Yep, I looked at every entry.

13,000 satellites orbit the earth. Who is watching the watchers? Google.

The guerilla war against guerilla advertising. Now if only they could do something about spam followers.

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