I'm a fictionaut

Just because I’m not busy enough with all my social networking services, I joined Fictionaut the other day. It’s actually a pretty fun and interesting site that’s devoted to community building around literature. Think Facebook meets Goodreads, only with the lit right there on the site instead of linking to books on Amazon. It’s got the wall, the ability to message people and comment on posts, etc.

I posted some of the shorts I’ve published here and had a great response from people. It’s really lovely to be instantaneously involved in a conversation with people you don’t know about something you’ve written.

There’s also some really interesting work being published on it as well. I haven’t had too much time to do a lot of reading on the site because, you know, the baby and all, but I think it’s a place you could be happily lost in for some time.

Check it out and if you want to join, add me to your contacts.

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