I'm the x-ray technician

Maisonneuve has interviewed me about The Warhol Gang. An excerpt:

AV: Was The Warhol Gang modelled after a city?

PD: It’s not modelled after a city because, other than the stuff that comes with your basic geography (like Vancouver’s got a different setup than Toronto) I don’t see any difference between them. When I step into a mall, it doesn’t matter, it’s got the same Banana Republics, it’s got the same Starbucks. Your social experiences are fundamentally unchanged, no matter what city you’re in. I could drive across the border and be in a completely different country in Seattle and my experience is going be largely the same. So I deliberately didn’t set it in a city because I wasn’t talking about Canada, I wasn’t talking about Vancouver or Toronto, I was talking about a particular type of lifestyle that has come to dominate us, no matter where we are.

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